Daisy Choi is a jewellery artist and designer-maker.
A Gold Award winner for the Fashion Jewellery category at the 2010 Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Awards, her design ideas are inspired by everyday objects, and blend artistic expression with wearability.
Her work is based on the notion of 'wearing a thought'. It is designed to be stylish and humorous - playful, yet thoughtful and meaningful.
A graduate from Middlesex University and Camberwell College of Art in London, her background in 2D and 3D design is reflected in her work. These explore sculptural forms whilst retaining a graphic feel.
Daisy's work is exhibited and sold in prestigious galleries, jewellery and design fairs in UK and internationally.
The current collection 'Best before' is a series of egg-shaped silver and porcelain creations. The egg is symbolic of life refreshed and reborn. The pieces combine silver, gold, porcelain, pearls and diamonds.

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